Not Quite Misty Blue


Here’s my take on the PPA Color Challenge. 2 cuts  from the Fancy Flower punch produce the ‘quilt pieces’ and running it through my Big Shot gives it that homespun texture. The card may have a ‘clean and simple’ look, but look at the mess I made creating it! (Unretouched photo below!) LOL


About valbic

I'm Valari and I live to make stuff!! Ever since I was a little kid, I've always been making something..doll clothes,crocheting corny gifts,sewing my own clothes (and much to their chagrin,my kids clothes). Paper has been my latest ( and longest) obsession. My HE (husband equivalent) and I have a farm in central NY, not far from the Home of Baseball. Cooperstown NY and I have two wonderful sons who I wish weren't all grown up. Please don't take anything I say/write/post too seriously...I don't! Thank you for letting me share my thoughts!!

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  1. This is really a great card, I like quilts and the curly cute sentiment set and the three blues are so pretty together. Really a fine job on putting this together. Thanks. Would love to see more details on how you did this.

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