Oh…Mojo, how I’ve missed you!


My mojo’s been missing for weeks now…the current sketch has found it for me..Thanks Mojo Monday! I love SU “Just Add Cake” or as I have renamed in my head..”Cakewalk”. I’m fighting the transition of cooler weather ( even though I love fall) and these bright, fun colors remind me of the summer we never had!!!My HE ( husband equivalent) said it looked busy, but what does he know? Notice I don’t refer to him as my DH (unless it stands for dumb husband!) We kid each other all the time…he’s got some names for me as well.

Those adorable pinwheels are the easiest things to make and the little bow on the cake tag is snipped from SU’s Triple Flower punch. Thanks for taking the time to read and I appreciate any comments.


About valbic

I'm Valari and I live to make stuff!! Ever since I was a little kid, I've always been making something..doll clothes,crocheting corny gifts,sewing my own clothes (and much to their chagrin,my kids clothes). Paper has been my latest ( and longest) obsession. My HE (husband equivalent) and I have a farm in central NY, not far from the Home of Baseball. Cooperstown NY and I have two wonderful sons who I wish weren't all grown up. Please don't take anything I say/write/post too seriously...I don't! Thank you for letting me share my thoughts!!

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